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ICON-30™ Challenge
The Innovator's 30-day "Patent Pending" Challenge
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The Next Challenge Begins:  November 1, 2020
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Take your invention from idea to "Patent Pending" in 30 days with an expert-guided DIY provisional patent application
This 30-day challenge gives you the tools, knowledge, and resources to confidently achieve "patent pending" in 30 days or less, without hiring an attorney or reading outdated or misinformed books.
It's Your Choice
Choose from 4 levels for your participation in the ICON-30™ Challenge.
These 4 levels are outlined in more detail below.

What's included*:

  • Full access to our exclusive DIY provisional patent workshops (up to $1197 value)
  • Exclusive weekly coaching forums with a USPTO registered patent attorney
  • Daily email tips as you progress through the challenge
  • Five sequential modules to guide you through steps through:
    • defining your invention
    • illustrating your invention
    • describing your invention
    • claiming your invention
    • filing your PPA
  • Access to a proprietary 20-step "Success Plan" after you achieve "patent pending" status
  • More!

*depends on participation level

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$249 ($2300 value)

If you want the full experience, start-to-finish, with an actual example PPA to follow along, and review of your PPA before filing, this is the challenge for you.

What's included?

  • PRO-APP™ FULL Workshop access
    • 16 hours of online workshop from an experienced patent attorney
    • 5 comprehensive modules
    • 50 learning & action objectives
  • Valuable tools & resources, including:
    • ICON-30™ LAUNCH, plus...
    • Patent procurement vs infringement
    • Start-to-finish example of actual PPA drafting & filing
    • Patent timelines
    • Foreign filing guide
  • Invitations to the weekly coaching forums
  • PPA Cover Sheet pre-filing review
  • Daily email tips as you progress
  • 20-step "Success Plan" after filing your PPA
  • Bonus: Pre-filing consultation and attorney review of your PPA before you file
$149 ($1400+ value)

This is the one we recommend to most people. It's got enough information to prepare and file your own PPA once or over-and-over as many times as you want.

What's included?

  • PRO-APP™ FAST Workshop access
    • 8-9 hours of online workshop from an experienced patent attorney
    • 5 focused modules
    • 27 learning & action objectives
  • Valuable tools & resources, including:
    • ICON-30™ START, plus...
    • Patent searching guide & log
    • Patent drawings guide
    • PPA template specification
    • Inventorship confirmation worksheet 
  • Invitations to the weekly coaching forums
  • PPA Cover Sheet pre-filing review
  • Bonus: Daily email tips as you progress
  • Bonus: 20-step "Success Plan" after filing your PPA
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$49 ($500+ value)

This is the basic challenge with everything you need to get your invention filed and achieve "patent pending" status. 

What's included?

  • PRO-APP™ FILE Workshop access
    • 2-3 hours of online workshop from an experienced patent attorney
    • 1 focused module
    • 13 learning & action objectives
  • Valuable tools & resources, including:
    • ICON-30™ INTRO, plus...
    • PPA Filing documents
    • PPA Filing step-by-step instructions & examples 
  • Invitations to the weekly coaching forums
  • Bonus: PPA Cover Sheet pre-filing review
100% FREE ($300+ value)
- Yes, this is FREE -

This is the FREE challenge. You can get started, access resources, and participate at no cost. It will get you completely ready to file your PPA.

What's included?

  • PRO-APP™ FREE Workshop access
    • 1-2 hours of online workshop from an experienced patent attorney
    • 1 intro module
    • 6 learning & action objectives
  • Valuable tools & resources, including:
    • IP Basics Matrix 
    • Is My Idea Patentable? worksheet
    • Innovation Disclosure Form (IDF)
  • Invitations to the weekly coaching forums
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Are you an "ICON"?

An "ICON" is anyone who adopts our philosophy to "Innovate with Confidence".

We believe innovators should be empowered with confidence all along the innovation journey. 

That's we we approach law, technology, patents, innovation, and legal services with practical, forward-thinking tools, instruction, and resources--to empower innovators with confidence.

We've adopted this as both our passion and our purpose. 

Every innovator who has confidence is an ICON, Every innovator seeking confidence, is an ICON.   

This challenge is for you!

  • Inventors pursuing a lifelong dream
  • Startup innovators creating pioneering technology
  • Technology Enthusiasts who want to efficiently reserve their IP rights
  • Established Inventors ready to dominate the patent process
  • Entrepreneurs adding technology to their product offerings
  • "Mompreneurs" seeking a better way for family and friends
  • Professors and Academics working on cutting-edge technology
  • Researchers establishing groundwork for future industries
  • Founders ready to take the big leap into technology 

You're an Innovator!
That's why you're here. That's why you keep inventing things. 

Even if you didn't want to be an innovator, you would still be inventing.
It's what you do. It's who you are. Creativity just might be your most fundamental belief.

Innovating is hard. Inventing and dreaming up a new device or process is pretty easy for you. But innovating a business or revenue stream around your inventions is hard work. It's a lot of very hard work. 

And the hardest part is the fear.

There is fear of failure. Maybe nobody will like or buy your idea. Maybe your mother even thinks it's a bad idea, even if she won't tell you.

There is fear someone will steal your idea. Stories are plenty of inventors who have been ripped off. And some of them are true. Sometimes the people who profess to help inventors prototype, market, and sell their inventions actually steal the ideas for themselves. And other times they drain inventors of their money, energy, time, and resources.

There is fear of the unknown. This is really hard for inventors, because inventors fundamentally push themselves to learn new things based on a clear understanding that there are new things, unknown principles and truths, that are out there ready to be gathered, discovered, and understood. But knowing so much "unknown" exists also makes it easy to be always fearful of not knowing enough. You might call it hesitation or systematic learning, instead of fear, but your drive to create from the "unknown" also feeds your fear and hesitation, pushing you into a learning cycle at the expense of taking meaningful action.

Ultimately, the most debilitating of all fears might be the fear of success. After all, success might be the greatest unknown to many of us. It seems foreign and uncomfortable, so we avoid it. We don't admit to ourselves that we're avoiding it--we just keep learning at the expense of doing and succeeding.
What if you Succeed?
We all love stories about plundering pirates and treasures!
Have you heard the story about the planning pirates who devised the fool-proof plan to retrieve exotic buried treasures. They planned their approach to the site. They acquired the most efficient excavation tools. They exhaustively discussed resource allocation, time management, and shift schedules. They etched wish lists into the surrounding stones, depicting how they would use their spoils. The fought over shares, imagining who would own the greatest relics and what those relics might be. And they died without ever making any real progress toward actually retrieving the treasures.

Of course you haven't heard of these pirates. Nobody wrote stories about them. Nobody sang songs of their courage and achievements. Nobody dreamed up musicals or movies about the "planning pirates."  

Benjamin Franklin is quoted as saying:

"Either write something worth reading or do something work writing."

Now is the time to take action toward your dreams. Plan, but take action more. Dream, but make sure your dreaming does waste into nothing. Be one of the "dreamers that do" as pleaded by Sarah Ban Breathnach, author of Simple Abundance: A Daybook of Comfort and Joy. 

If you've been planning and dreaming for a long time already, now is the time to put your plans and dreams into action today!
About Jeff Holman
The Intellectual Strategies team is led by Jeff Holman, an experienced patent attorney who has drafted, filed, and managed thousands of patent assets globally, including his own patents which have been successfully licensed.
Jeff is an industry leader in corporate IP strategy with a focus on patent quality, the innovation process, and the success of innovators and their technology.
Jeff advises several startup ventures that have achieved hundreds of millions in funding, built global patent portfolios spanning six continents, reached valuations well over $500MM, and successfully negotiated deals with "Shark Tank" investors.
Jeff fundamentally believes most innovators achieve the best technical insight and highest quality with a DIY approach following expert guidance using the PRO-APP™ framework.
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